Casino Games Online

When you work on a computer you might find it OK to surf a bit online but is it also OK to play a few casino games in the break? Read this article and think about it…

Casino games are so easily available online. Once you are a member of a casino which doesn’t require a download you can play from any computer including your work computer. Some will immediately say that this is a BIG No No while others feel that it is OK to play at work now and then. People read news and pay bills from their work computer so why not spin a slot reel or two?

Casino Games Online

Casino games online are just as easily accessible as news sites, chat programs or any other internet service that you are used to using both from home and work. It is the casino games offered in instant play format that can be played from work. Games like Tetris and Jewelbox are not the same thing as they don’t require any money deposits and they might be better accepted at your working place. But if you play the casino games for free from work one could say that this is the same thing.

Playing at Work

The thing with casino games and work is that you can’t get into them without asking the boss first. The work place might tolerate smaller games and even chat programs but real casino games with money bets could give the working place an environment which is not productive for the job that needs to be done. When you are playing for money it is easy to forget about the time. The ten minute coffee break suddenly turned into half an hour of slots. Your boss might never find out but you will have to catch up for the lost work time which could be annoying both for you and others.

Casino Games as a common Hobby

At other work places the employees have casino gaming as a common hobby. Just like some offices arrange golf tournaments for the staff other companies could offer their workers slots tournaments if this is more to their interest. When you play in teams online with your coworkers it becomes a lot of fun. The winnings could be used for a nice outing together or you could just split the money evenly over the team.

Keeping it to the Home Computer

Even if your company allows for some gaming during lunch breaks and shorter breaks it is still recommended to keep all casino gaming to the home computer. Casino games take a lot of focus and concentration and when you are at work you should give your time to the tasks you have there. It is much better to use the breaks for stretching legs and getting some fresh air. Skip the TV in the evening and enjoy your casino games after dinner where no one will look weird at you for it!

Some work places allow for a bit of online gaming but even so it is smarter to keep the online casino gaming to the home computer.

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